What REBELART by CHASE means to me

For me it is a chance to put myself out there, to show kids and adults that it doesn’t matter what age you are; getting messy while creating something is good for you. I want to inspire people to find whatever form of Art it is that makes them feel amazing.

For me, having parents that run the Timber Tools and Artisan Show is a huge bonus. Five times a year, every year, I get see all our Exhibitors – well they are more like family – and learn new things like wood turning, carving, blacksmithing, pottery, street art, pyrography and so much more. Sometimes, I even get roped in to working for them over the weekend which is completely awesome. When I am not doing that though, I have my own stand called Let There Be Paint. And yes it gets messy, but people love it…

Why Did I Start REBELART?

My parents helped me with the concept of REBELART being about the freedom of expression through art. I want to be able to share my art as well as the art of others with the world, through my YouTube channel. I want everyone to see what I see: by teaching each other to make the world a more decorative place. But more importantly, to help someone find their voice through creating and sharing.

I want people to get messy by creating with their hands, to rebel against technology every now and then.

I would love to teach people about art and how I see it and maybe over time have guests to teach us all, as the channel gets bigger. Having the support of such a massive family helps, too! So, come join me and let’s LEARN, LOVE & CREATE.